Previous Speakers

Our Curators of dreams  are makers, technoholics, artists, designers, entrepreneurs, or simply humans (and everything in between). We try to find speakers that are passionated and can inspire our community. We don’t dictate any topics for our speakers, but invite them to pick a topic they are truly passionate about.


Ryan Chan

Founder @9GAG

Josh Miller

Director of Product @White House (USA)

Kasper Hulthin

Cofounder @Podio

Dan Price

Cofounder @Gravity Payments

Roland Grenke

Cofounder @Dubsmash

Morten Primdahl

Cofounder & CTO @Zendesk

Martin Mignot

Principal @Index Ventures

Adam Cheyer

Cofounder @ Viv & Siri

David Noel

VP Community @Soundcloud

Jimmi Soni

Managing Editor @The Huffington Post

David Gauquelin

Lead Designer @Prezi

Mahbod Moghadan

Cofounder @Rap Genius

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But, hey, we're human and we can make mistakes. Maybe you're exactly who we're looking for and you've somehow slipped our radar. Think Go Youth wouldn't be the same without you? Knock our socks off and apply to become a speaker.