When Ben was a university student in London, he admits his experience of finding student accommodation “was horrible”. Not that long after graduating from Nottingham University, he became one of the three co-founders @ Uniplaces, a global brand and online marketplace for booking student accommodation — and GO Youth Madrid’s co-organiser.

While still a student, Ben got together with a group of housemates, and together they began searching for places to live — along with a big number of others who were doing just the same. From searching on a poorly run website with very few properties to literally knocking on doors to look around houses, finding a place to live was his biggest problem.

In 2011, together with co-founders Miguel Santo Amaro and Mariano Kostelec, Ben came up with a plan to create an online marketplace matching students with accommodation. Uniplaces officially launched two years later and has surpassed 5 million booked nights since then in over 30 cities in Europe.

Ben is very excited about being a part of bringing GO Youth to Madrid, one of Uniplaces’s key cities, and has no doubt that it’s “a soulful city that knows how to do business, but most importantly, that knows how to live.”

Ben’s Talk at GO Youth

At GO Youth Madrid, Ben will be discussing how Uniplaces conquer to be the Hottest startup of 2017 by Wired…

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If you’ve ever wondered how a bookcase or a bed would look like in your student room, the IKEA Place app, developed in partnership with Apple, will definitely help you out.

Why are we mentioning this? Because Kaave Pour, the Creative Director at Space10, IKEA’s innovation lab, is a GO Youth Madrid speaker!

A Copenhagen native, Kaave not only started his first company at 14, but he’s currently the Creative Director at Space10 at only 27 years old. Space10 is IKEA’s innovation lab, where Kaave explores how both trends and technologies will impact humanity, more specifically within IKEA’s concept.

The IKEA Place app is one of the very first apps to use Apple’s new ARKit technology. The software, part of iOS 11, makes it easy for developers to create augmented reality experiences on an iPhone.

Kaave’s Talk at GO Youth

Kaave Pour from SPACE10 (IKEA’s future-living lab) will discuss how augmented reality (AR) might profoundly influence our lives in the future. He will talk about different technologies driving AR, how to design for new natural interfaces and present some mind-boggling cases, including IKEA Place, to give us a glimpse of the augmented future.

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There are only a few weeks left until GO Youth Madrid on October 19 & 20, and we’re very happy to start introducing our wonderful Speakers — or, how we like to call them, our Curators of Dreams.

First up is Katelin Holloway, VP of People & Culture @ Reddit.

Katelin knows People. Practically a native to the San Francisco Bay area, Katelin was first introduced to the notion of intentional cultural development at Pixar Animation Studios. While at Pixar, she studied the storytellers that would ultimately change the course of her career.

Now, as VP of People & Culture at Reddit, her utmost passion is to build scalable and inclusive institutional cultures. This passion of hers “has helped the popular website grow up into a company“.

Katelin’s Talk at GO Youth

At GO Youth Madrid, Katelin will be discussing…

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GO Youth is almost less than a month away! We’re very happy to introduce our second Speaker coming directly from Silicon Valley: Christophe Tauziet, Lead Design @ Facebook Spaces on the Social VR team.

Having previously worked as a designer at Apple and Parse, Christophe now leads the design at Facebook Spaces. On April 2017, an early beta of Facebook Spaces was introduced: Facebook’s first social VR experience on Oculus Rift. It’s a virtual experience where you can spend time with your friends in VR, no matter where you are in the world. Awesome, right?!


Christophe was actually one of the people who assembled the Spaces team (read the story here)! Right now, the team keeps exploring trying to figure out how VR technology can help people to connect with each other in entirely new ways — and then actually building the experiences to enable that.

Christophe’s Talk at GO Youth

Christophe’s talk will be all about “Designing for Social VR”: how him and his team work to represent you and your friends through social reality, how they make sure you have a safe experience, how they do UI design, etc.. He’ll also share where he personally things VR is heading, and also answer a lot of questions people often ask him about the field!

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There’s still time to buy tickets to GO Youth. Join us, Christophe and many more in Madrid on October 19 & 20. Grab one of the last few seats! 🎟


GO Youth Madrid is right around the corner, and we’re very happy to introduce our second Speaker — Clair Byrd, Head of Global Enablement @ Twilio and Former Head Of Marketing & Director of Content @ InVision.

October 19 & 20 Madrid

As former Head of Marketing & Director of Content, Clair led these two teams at InVision, the leading design collaboration platform us by over 2 million people worldwide and around 70% of Fortune 100 companies, including Apple and IBM.
She managed the production and campaigning for the feature-length documentary DESIGN DISRUPTORS, currently being shown in over 100 cities around the world and generating nearly 100,000 leads. Her contributions have helped over 2M users become better designers, increased traffic to InVision-owned web properties by over 800% and boosted revenue by over 130% since she joined the company in 2014.

Under her leadership, InVision was named No. 1 on Hubspot‘s 2015 list for “Exceptional B2B Content Marketing“, No. 1 on Forbes list of “25 Digital Design Blogs to Follow” and No. 1 on The Next Web’s list of “Promising Digital Design Blogs to Follow”. Talk about impressive!

Today, as Head of Global Enablement at Twilio, she teaches the company how their products work and how to best talk about them with the public. She’s also a co-founder of a small startup where she takes ownership of Marketing and Sales. Clair, apparently, does it all, including horseback riding and practicing horse archery; all while not being a morning person. Who says you need to be one to be a badass entrepreneur?

Clair’s Talk at GO Youth

At GO Youth Madrid, Clair’s talk will be about “Starting afraid, finishing brave: executing a high-risk, high-reward career”.

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There’s still time to buy tickets to GO Youth. Join us, Clair and many more in Madrid on October 19 & 20. Grab one of the last few seats 🎟


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