Curators of Dreams: Christophe Tauziet from Facebook Spaces

GO Youth is almost less than a month away! We’re very happy to introduce our second Speaker coming directly from Silicon Valley: Christophe Tauziet, Lead Design @ Facebook Spaces on the Social VR team.

Having previously worked as a designer at Apple and Parse, Christophe now leads the design at Facebook Spaces. On April 2017, an early beta of Facebook Spaces was introduced: Facebook’s first social VR experience on Oculus Rift. It’s a virtual experience where you can spend time with your friends in VR, no matter where you are in the world. Awesome, right?!


Christophe was actually one of the people who assembled the Spaces team (read the story here)! Right now, the team keeps exploring trying to figure out how VR technology can help people to connect with each other in entirely new ways — and then actually building the experiences to enable that.

Christophe’s Talk at GO Youth

Christophe’s talk will be all about “Designing for Social VR”: how him and his team work to represent you and your friends through social reality, how they make sure you have a safe experience, how they do UI design, etc.. He’ll also share where he personally things VR is heading, and also answer a lot of questions people often ask him about the field!

Keep up with Christophe

If you want to keep up with Christophe, you can tweet him @christauziet, check his travel snaps on Instagram, or friend/follow him on Facebook. You can also check all of Christophe’s current and previous work on his personal website.

There’s still time to buy tickets to GO Youth. Join us, Christophe and many more in Madrid on October 19 & 20. Grab one of the last few seats! 🎟

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